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How Housewives Are Earning More Than Their Husbands


work at home2020 ended up being a life-changing year for many of us … people were losing jobs literally overnight. Losing jobs and also their confidence in the future. Some slipped into depression, some started to search and dig, trying to figure out how else they can support their living. Thus stay-at-home business has become more of a savior rather than just an opportunity.

More and more people are jumping into the stay-at-home business since this provides the freedom to choose a flexible working time as well as make hundreds and sometimes – thousands of dollars every month doing what they love to do.

In fact, working from home comes with great deals of benefits where even housewives can earn more than their husbands without compromising time with their kids or leaving the house.

Below are some examples of online jobs you can do to generate some income for yourself and your family.


freelance websitesFreelancing sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelance have turned lots of work-at-home people right into internet millionaires. This is where you can showcase your portfolio and have clients from every niche you can imagine.

Are you a designer? Great! You have a job opportunity. Readers, painters, writers…you name it.

These freelancing websites have groups of various digital jobs where you can choose a service you grasp as well as deliver it from the convenience of your home and rake in some nice income every month.

A lot of husbands going to 9-5 jobs do not make even half of what some freelance wives can make.



Without no doubts, blogging has actually been an extremely rewarding stay-at-home work for many people since it does not require any kind of previous experience.

Once you have a great command of English, you’re ready to go.

This could be sharing suggestions on anything from food cooking, health, and wellness, daily routines, or just about anything you want, there will always be someone, who will find what you share useful.

This article explains blogging in more details.


get paid for your opinion

Your opinion matters. And also can be a simple way for you to earn online.

There are thousands of online surveys, where stay-at-home moms, students, or anyone actually can generate up to $ 2-5 thousand per month responding to easy questions in such surveys.

Companies are willing to pay good money to get people answer questions about a brand-new product they release before they finally launch it to the public.

Vindale Research, Valued Opinions and Global Test Market are a few of such survey platforms.


work as online assistantAn incredibly popular choice nowadays. Discover how to become an ‘Online Assistant’ and make money as a freelancer, doing simple tasks & projects from home on behalf of different companies, having the work-life balance you want, generating an income you wish.

Great thing is that You can work as an online assistant from anywhere around the world. Check available options in your country here.

Advantages of being an Online Assistant:

— You select the tasks/projects that suit you

— You determine your working hrs yourself (full or part-time).

— Work from anywhere with an internet connection.

— Frequent payments by PayPal or bank transfer.


Nearly every online business that earns money for people entails buying and selling products or services.

Affiliate marketing is…let’s say the art of advertising other people’s’ products where you earn a particular percentage as high as 50%-70% or sometimes even 90% of the sales price.

Yet, with affiliate marketing, you don’t need to deal with any of inventory or invest any funds. All you need to do is focus on driving traffic and making sure your marketing is really good.

There are many affiliate platforms like ClickBank or Commission Junction that can help you to build an affiliate business.

Learn more about the Affiliate Marketing Here 



What’s great about work-at-home style is you need nothing but a laptop & an internet connection to start. So, you could easily choose where to work from: your cute city apartment, a fairytale lodge somewhere in the mountains or a beach house somewhere in … Bali perhaps? 🙂


online assistant apply


I suggest you to  try different opportunities before you stick to the one or two you like the most. Begin in your spare-time, with your paid work to support you and enjoy the extra cash. There are many millionaires in the industry there are also many part-timers, the choice is yours according to your aspirations. I am wishing you great success in your new adventure!