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Affiliate Strategy For Recurring Income

Most of us are familiar with the advantages of following the affiliate products business model in our beginner Internet marketing efforts. This makes sense due to the simplicity of the affiliate marketing process.

Since you are promoting someone else's products, you don't have to worry about customer support after the sale. The product owner provides this service for the buyer.

You need not worry about refunds, since these are taken care of by the product owner as well.

Affiliate marketing is really a very clean, and trouble-free process.

However, there is one disadvantage. You have to constantly drive traffic, that is, send new prospective buyers to the affiliate offer in order to earn money....

Can you Get Around This Last Issue?

Actually you can! There is a very easy, yet little used strategy that can practically guarantee ongoing affiliate commissions.

The way you do this is by concentrating on evergreen affiliate products.

These are products that people buy or sign up for that have recurring monthly payments.

A good example is website hosting services. Once you sign up for web hosting, and you set up your website, you will need to continue using the service for a long time, most likely for years.

If you obtain the hosting service by clicking someone's affiliate link, that person will continue to get a commission every single month you make a payment.

They may get only 20% or 30% of your payment, but this will continue for as many years as you keep your website active.

Products that have recurring payments

There are many other products that have recurring payments, where the product owner offers affiliate commissions. With any of these offers, you can receive monthly payments, providing you passive income.

These products are no more difficult to sell that most other affiliate products. Yet you create a recurring income that can go on for a long time.

If you follow this strategy, it does not mean that you would not offer other affiliate products that bring you only a one-time payment. It simply means that you can use a combination of the two strategies to:

1. Maximize your earnings

2. To ensure a steady cash flow into your payment account.

To do this successfully, you need to set up a website to promote the affiliate products effectively.

This way you can educate your visitors about the benefits and problem solving features of the affiliate products before your prospects decide to buy.

For best results with affiliate products, you should treat affiliate marketing just like you would promote and market your own products.

In fact, as you gain experience, you will want to offer evergreen affiliate products alongside your own products to maximize your profits.

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