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Let's Get Connected!

My name is Helena, and I am in love with Internet Marketing & Coffee;)

Together with my partner Mark, we are working on the © Smart Marketer Club. The Club's mission is to help other marketers to grow their business.

In Smart Marketer Club we truly believe that together it is easier to grow! It is not about the competition any more...just imagine...there are almost 4.57 billion active internet users in the world...all of them are searching for something you can give to them...it's a HUGE market!

So, no, it's not about the competition anymore...it's time to get connected, time to share...

In fact, we have discovered that it feels great to see how other people succeed when you just show them this little path they would probably never found by themselves...we also grow ourselves as we share with other people …so, it’s win-win communication after all…

Anyway, together with Mark, we wanted to share what we've learned so far with like-minded people…just like you...

Thus we have created the Smart Marketer Club...

 We really hope we can exchange thoughts and opportunities on common themes and grow together!

Join us in the CLUB!

To Your Success,

Helena and Mark H. Smith

© Smart Marketer Club

Helena Smith
Mark H. Smith